Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The goodness that is ORANGE CRATE

Everyday at the gift show we've sampled new foods from Orange Crate.
BOOTH# 8469

Our most popular yet has to be the pulled pork sandwiches. Made with our pulled pork rub and topped off with our delicious "Bad Ass Grandma" sauce.

wait....who's kidding...everything that's been made we've devoured.

Take a look!!

New "Grandmas BAD ASS BBQ sauce"....its tongue twerking GOOD
You can see this and other recipes online at
or to order www.premier-gift.com

Also...Poutine....OH MY goodness GOOD!!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Wallet NINJA - is exactly what the name implies!!

Take a look at this cool and innovative new product

The Wallet Ninja is made for the every day warrior. 16 tools to help you tackle your little and big problems.

Made from 4x heat treated steel, the Wallet Ninja has a lifetime Guarantee against any injury and is 100% TSA-Approved for aboard use. Wallet Ninja’s stealth shape allows it to comfortably fit in your wallet with all of your other credit cards. Tools that are included within the Wallet Ninja are; Hex wrenches, a can opener/ fruit peeler, bottle opener, ruler, letter opener, box opener, phone stand and screw driver.

Not only does the Wallet Ninja act as a super secret Swiss army knife in the shape of a credit card, it's got your back! So tackle life's battles with the Wallet Ninja!

NEW: coming to a gift show near you!!!

A couple more awesome finds for the day:
Capabunga - for those winos that can't finish their wine, there's a solution now. Snap on this baby and your wine stays fresh! Wowza!

Next up...the portable power purse...but its not only for women, men too. Simply charge this baby and put it in your purse. When your battery runs low on your phone and your on the go. Simply plug this in and get instant power. OH YAH!!!


CGTA gift show - Hope to see you there!!

We have TONS of exciting new products to show you.
Believe me, we’re tickled pink by just how well our buyers did picking out these innovative, very fresh and super cool new  finds.
Be sure to stop by and take a look.

AND don’t forget…every day we will have a different menu of tantalizing goodness, so stop by Orange Crate and fill up your tummy.
There is nothing worse than shopping on an empty stomach

Premier Gift, Scantrade International, Orange Crate Food Company and Innovation hope to see YOU at the gift show this year.

Premier Gift – Booth #8355
Scantrade International – Booth #8359
Orange Crate and Innovation – Booth #8469