Construction of Jason Designs

Construction of Jason Placemats

The cork back of Jason placemats and coasters is made from the bark of the cork oak tree, a renewable resource, which is grown in Portugal. The cork sheets are manufactured from the by-product of the cork (wine) stopper industry.


The hardboard is custom manufactured to Jason Products Limited specifications. It is denser which means it has a higher level of water resistance and darker which provides a lovely finish to the edges of the placemats and coasters. The hardboard is a by-product of the timber industry.


The paper is selected for the degree of whiteness it offers, its ability to resist water and how well the ink will adhere. The level of ink adhesion is important as it determines the degree of image definition. The higher the definition, the better the quality of the final image shown on the placemat. All paper used has gone through an environmentally friendly chlorine-free bleaching process.


The inks used are light fast inks that have been specifically formulated to resist UV light that ensures that the printed image maintains its intense color, not fading over time.

Protective Coating

A UV cured acrylic coating is applied to protect the print from the surfaces of dishes placed onto the placemats. The coating is especially formulated to maintain a fine balance between protection and picture clarity.

Edge Spray

A sealer is sprayed around the edges to seal the product and give the edges a finishing shine, which completes the Jason placemats and coasters to perfection.